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About us

In the past, resource developers produced learning materials they thought their customers wanted, or that their authors thought they needed.

Today’s competitive world means that is no longer good enough. Understanding your customers is vital to staying ahead of the competition and growing your market share. And more and more resource developers are turning to market research to determine product concepts and boost sales.

Schoolviews™ , a very popular service provided by innoved, is geared entirely to understanding the characteristics and needs of the educational market on behalf of the country’s leading learning resource developers

· Our title is selling well – but why do they like it? Should we publish a new edition? Is the timing right?
· What do teachers really want to support the new curriculum?
· We invested heavily in a new area: why didn’t it work for us?
· We’re wary our competitors are gaining ground: we’ve got to know what teachers really think.

What our research projects give you is market wisdom not market knowledge. Anyone working in education knows about schools. What we’re interested in is that wisdom that arises from in-depth qualitative research with your current or potential customers. Teachers, after all, are desperate to find the very best learning resources which make their undeniably busy lives easier but also raise the performance of their pupils and students. And, after all, that’s what we all want.
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Schoolviews™ is a service provided by innoved.